Summer in the Sun: How to Motivate Your Kids to Spend More Time Outside

December 4, 2023
CB Asia Team

While you, as an adult, may recognise the importance of spending more time outdoors, your children often won’t.

As such, it will inevitably fall on your shoulders to ensure your kids don’t spend this summer locked inside glued to their smartphone.

However, if your little ones have gotten used to the lockdown life, breaking this cycle can be a lot easier said than done. So, we thought we’d try and help.

Listed below are some of the best tried-and-tested ways to stop your children spending their summer stuck to their screens and, instead, get motivated to soak up some summer sun.

1. Exercise with Them

What better way is there to encourage your children to keep fit than by actively doing it with them?

Whether it be having a kickaround in the back garden, heading out on a group bike ride, or simply walking the dog in the park with them on a regular basis, children will love being able to spend their quality time with you.

Plus, if your kids see you being physically active, having fun and enjoying spending your time outdoors, research shows that this will significantly aid the development of their language and communication skills, while also promoting their emotional intelligence.

2. Move Indoor Tasks Outside

If your children's hobbies are typically more inside-based, try encouraging them to work outside instead.

Arts and crafts activities like drawing, painting and knitting, for instance, can all be easily moved into an outdoor environment and could make a significant difference to their overall health and wellbeing.

Soaking up vitamin D from the sun's rays is vital for their bone growth and development, after all, while playing outdoors has been shown in countless studies to help prevent childhood obesity – a growing issue in today’s wider world of children's health.

3. Take Them to Summer Events & Activities

One of the easiest ways to encourage your children to spend more time outside is by showing an interest in whatever passions or interests they might have.

Say, for example, your child is a huge football fan. Taking them to watch your local team or participate in a summer tournament will not only help them keep fit and active, but it will also keep them away from their smartphone.

And, even if they don't have a specific hobby you can think of, taking them to a few summer sporting events could help them soon discover a huge range of interests they’d have never known about otherwise.

Final Thoughts

While on the topic of discovering new hobbies and interests, our award-winning adventure day camps here at Camp Beaumont Asia are designed to keep children healthy and happy while enjoying the great outdoors.

With a huge range of activities available – from archery to tennis to football – have already helped a huge number of children learn new skills, make new friends and, ultimately, have a summer to remember.

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Time flies! It’s really unbelievable that my son finished the 6 weeks Summer Camp at Malvern! Thanks for letting him join this Summer camp! It’s so much fun everyday! And most importantly, he made a good friend here! Hope we can join in the future camps! And thanks you to your team!

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