Marlborough College, Malaysia

Exclusively for 9 to 15 year olds

The UK's leading multi-activity camp is joining forces with Marlborough College Malaysia & UKLC to offer an action packed, explorative, English Language immersion programme.

Packed into this seven day programme we offer:

  • 15 Hours of professional English lessons
  • 20 Different engaging & exciting activities
  • 1 & 1/2 day cultural excursions
  • Boarding
  • Amazing meals with something to suit everyone
  • Evening Entertainment

Information for Parents

Safety comes first. This trip will be led by some of the UK’s best, highly trained instructors and hosted by the well established Marlborough College Malaysia. And if that isn’t enough, life skills will be fine-tuned along the way – building self-confidence and resilience, improving communication, teamwork and problem-solving – all whilst enjoying the most incredible Spring Camp.

Enrichment comes second. All of our unmissable activities and experiences are designed to ensure that your child spends their time developing new skills, trying new things and making friends at every single opportunity. Don’t just choose any residential in 2023, choose one with enriching experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

UKLC - English

UKLC has been running English Language courses and training English Language teachers for over 20 years. Our Academic Programme undergoes continuous development in order to keep the methodology up to date with the cutting-edge standards of the TEFL industry, and to keep the content and topics relevant to the present day.

The programme integrates entertaining lessons and engaging tasks that are delivered through a variety of methodologies that revolve around Task and Project Based Learning, practice with Skills and Systems, CLIL, British Culture and STE(A)M. This provides the possibility to offer more approaches and to cover the widest possible range of needs that multilingual and diverse groups of students often have.

Student Centred at Marlborough
UKLC teachers take on the role of guides and facilitators. To educate our learners, we believe in allowing the necessary time and space for them to experiment with new language.
Communicative at Marlborough
UKLC lessons revolve around using the language in practical interaction with the teachers and the other students.
Engaging at Marlborough
We promote a teaching approach based on storytelling and performance that aims at leveraging a positive rapport between the teachers and the students. We inspire our learners to take on a protagonist role in the classroom.
Relevant at Marlborough
We aim to enrich our learners not only when it comes to their language awareness and skills, but we also include elements of British Culture and valuable knowledge in our lessons.

Activity Programme

An action packed programme has been specifically tailored to make sure your children have the best time possible!

The world famous zip-line


  • Mega Zip Line
  • Mega Jump
  • Mega Climb
  • Beach fun

The Mall. Mid valley, South Key

The details

Pricing For Summer

8 days and 7 nights Camp, Meals, boarding, excursions, activities and English Lessons all included


Supervised airport transfers to & from Singapore Changi Airport &  Johor Bahru Senai International Airport are available - please contact us for details.


Arrival Sunday 2nd July - Departs Sunday 9th July

Arrives Sunday 9th July - Departs Sunday 16th July

Arrival Sunday 16th July - Departs Sunday 23rd July

Arrival Sunday 23th July - Departs Sunday 30th July

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Thank you so much for having our daughter at your summer camp. She was very excited when she returned and enthusiastically showed and told us everything she did at camp. Many thanks to the whole team for looking after her, the varied and lovely programme and the nice and warm atmosphere at camp.

Parent, Dibber International Kindergarten, Hong Kong